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Milady Hartmann is a member of the Quebec and Canada arts Councils. Her works has been show featured in Montreal, Toronto and New York. Originally of Haitian and French roots, lived in New York and settled in Quebec since 2009.

Milady’s New York educational background at Fashion Industries and Parson’s School of Design have tremendously prepared me for my career. Early on, her professors did notice that her perception of multi fascinated function of textile can be crucial to a designer’s work.
Living in New York and being immerse in that cosmopolitain melting pot, fashion and theatrical districts, she was mesmerized by the lights and action of the city. As she was doing my internship with film director Spike Lee, she was also assigned to work under the direction of 2019 Oscar winner, Ruth Carter, costume designer. It was then that her film career journey commenced.

Milady’s company began out of a need to create a playhouse that resembled her own brownstone home in New York. Then, she went on searching the market for a replica of a “brownstone” for her children to play in to no avail. Therefore, she designed a playhouse with imaginative, soft- sculptured personalities drawn from classic folktales and fables infusing them into the “Brownstone Playhouse” brand. 

Milady ’s work is based on creating artistic characters and objects to tell a story. A scenario that speaks of the human condition through the eyes of a child. Milady draws her inspirations from classic folktales, fairy tales, fables and stories that conjure morals, culture, customs and global references.

Here are a few authors who have influenced Milady’s creations:
English writer, Beatrix Potter, "Peter Rabbit"
Danish writer and poet, Hans Christian Andersen, "The Little Match Girl"
French writer, Charles Perrault, "Mother Goose"
French poet, Jean de LaFontaine," The grasshopper and the Ant"
Aesops’ Fables, *(a slave, 16th century BC, Ancient Greece) ,
"The town mouse and the country Mouse"
to name a few.




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